SAICA re-establishes the AGA(SA) mid-tier qualification

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The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) has announced the re-establishment of its Associate General Accountant (South Africa) [AGA(SA)] – designation. This will allow a significant number of exceptionally-qualified South African accountants to gain access to professional recognition and career development through association with a highly-regarded professional body.

SAICA re-establishes the AGA(SA) mid-tier qualificationIt has long been acknowledged that accountants can play a crucial role in the day-to-day functioning not only of businesses, but also of the NGO sector and government. There is an ongoing need in the economy for highly skilled accountants to be deployed at various levels in the economy to improve the performance of organisations and so contribute to nation building in a responsible manner.

As an industry body, SAICA is responding to the implicit obligation to respond to calls made by its members, government and the private sector by helping to fill the gap with an existing group of already qualified people who should be recognised professionally for their quality. We are also working towards the vision outlined in the National Development Plan of a South Africa at work.

There are clear benefits for accountants who qualify as AGAs(SA). Associate membership of SAICA, as part of an existing acknowledged designation and recognised professional body, will provide increased professional recognition. AGAs(SA) will also gain access to SAICA’s Continuous Professional Development programmes, as well as to work opportunities via SAICA’s Career Suite job portal.

The inclusion of a significant number of accountants within SAICA will allow the Institute to make a tangible contribution to the national interest – developing capable and competent accounting specialists, promoting and enforcing strong professional and ethical standards, and acting as a resource for government and NGOs, as well as the private sector.

SAICAs CEO, Terence Nombembe, says: ‘The decision to establish the AGA(SA) designation promises positive outcomes in a number of areas. Accountants who have completed a SAICA-accredited BCom as well as a SAICA training contract, as well as accounting students wanting to push their capabilities as far as possible, will be offered a professional home. Businesses and government departments looking for skilled accountants will reap the benefits.’

According to the World Bank, SAICA is not only the largest professional accounting organisation in South Africa but ‘plays an instrumental role in thought-leadership initiatives that support protection of public interest and the growth of the accountancy profession in South Africa and at a global level’.

SAICA is therefore uniquely positioned to offer a credible professional home for accountants at all levels of the economy. The AGA(SA) designation will formally recognise those individuals who have accredited qualifications, excellent hands-on training and an impeccable standard of ethics, and are therefore able to deliver the high-level accountable competencies that will contribute to responsible financial management in their organisations, whilst helping to make South Africa work.

SAICA is proud to relaunch the AGA(SA) designation as a multi-faceted solution addressing business and financial challenges identified by SAICA members, the market, South Africa’s leadership and the global accounting profession

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